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When Volkswagen announced their new Tiguan compact crossover last year, American VW fans got excited about the prospect of a TDI model joining the lineup. It would have been the first diesel-powered small SUV in the U.S. market, but alas it wasn't meant to be, at least not yet. While VW officials say they have no immediate plans to offer a diesel in the U.S. Tiguan when the vehicle launches later this year, an observant driver has nonetheless spotted one in California. The Tiguan was parked at V

The 2.0L "Clean TDI" Bluetec diesel sitting in the engine bay of the Volkswagen Tiguan "concept" that bowed at LA last week will be featured in the production car as well. The production Tiguan TDI will keep the pollution in check through the use of a NOx catalytic storage converter, particulate filter, and other technology.