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A cunning photographer has grabbed some shots of what appears to be production versions of the Thailand-bound Ford Ranger Max. While hardware and interior information are scarce at this point, it's clear that some of the details have been toned down from what was shown on the concept (namely the notches on the fender flares and the hood intakes). That said, the production compact pickup remains essentially true to what we saw at last Fall's Thailand Motor Expo, giving it a bed-load of personalit

The Washington Times columnist Fred Reed's latest work reads like an abbreviated Cliff Notes version of our energy crisis by someone just getting used to talking about the issue. Reed tries, in just under 600 words, to concisely identify all the problems of and possible solutions to our ongoing energy problems, but he misses some obvious ones (he neglects to mention biofuels, for example). There's no way anyone even come close with such a limited space, so I won't take him to task for this.

With all the hoopla over China's auto industry, Thailand, which is more known among Westerns for its tourist industry than manufacturing capabilities, quietly made more than one million vehicles last year.