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NHTSA releases voluntary guidelines to combat distracted driving

In its continuing battle against distracted driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued voluntary guidelines covering the use of in-car infotainment and communication devices. It is NHTSA's intention that the proposals, which have been in the works for a year and are partly based on a 2010 study called "Impact of Hand-Held and Hands-Free Cell Phone Use on Driving Performance and Safety Critical Event Risk," will be phas

Last Words: Family releases image of dead son's final text before deadly crash

On April 3, University of Northern Colorado student Alexander Heit lost control of his car while sending a text on his iPhone. The loss of control caused the car to roll over, and the 22-year-old died a short time after being transported by ambulance to a local hospital.

Many more people surfing the web while behind the wheel

If you think texting while driving is dangerous, then you may be shocked to learn that many people do more than just text while driving, they actually browse the web while behind the wheel, and the number of people who do it is on the rise.

Transportation Dept. gives $550k to study texting-ban enforcement

So far, 39 states have some form of law against texting while driving, but it is a hard thing to enforce. Many drivers continue to text on the road, confident that the local smokies won't spot their sins.

Designated texter becoming popular with teens [w/video]

We're all familiar with the designated driver concept. Most everyone with a drivers license has either been one or needed one. But now, the designated texter is a new idea being promoted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to target texting drivers.

College student drives off cliff while texting prophetic message

Texting while driving is a horrible, horrible idea. This is not news. And as unfortunate as this story may be, we have to admit, it's a little ironic.

Hondalink EV is new cloud-based infotainment, charging system for Fit EV, Accord Plug-In [w/video]

Honda let the cat officially out of the bag today, revealing details about its new HondaLink infotainment system that will be featured in the new 2013 Accord. The new midsize sedan doesn't launch until the fall, but the Japanese automa

Honda reveals new cloud-based infotainment system [w/video]

Honda let the cat officially out of the bag today, revealing details about its new HondaLink infotainment system that will be featured in the new 2013 Accord. The new midsize sedan doesn't launch until the fall, but the Japanese automa

Texting Mass teen found guilty of vehicular homicide [w/video]

If for some reason you still don't think that texting while driving is a bad idea, here's a story for you. Aaron Deveau, age 17, was allegedly composing a text message when his car crossed the center line of a Massachusetts street, hitting a car head-on. In that car was Daniel Bowley, Jr. and his girlfriend, Luz Roman. Bowley Jr. suffered massive injuries in the crash, and after spending 18 days in a Boston hospital, died

Woman sued for sending text message to driver who crashed

Hiring a lawyer is like hiring a hitman. Except it's not against the law. A lawyer's job is to exert your will on your legal opponent – and on the legal system itself. So it should come as no surprise to see this evolution of distracted driving case law: The victims of a traffic accident have filed a lawsuit against both the motorist and the woman he was texting with when he caused the crash, according to the Huffington Post.

Young drivers know distracted driving is dangerous, do it anyway

Distracted driving has joined smoking, drinking, drug use, and unprotected sex on the list of behaviors that teens know are risky but engage in nonetheless.

This is how to teach teens the perils of distracted driving

A European group called Responsible Young Drivers wanted to showcase the dangers of texting while driving, and got ad agency Publicis to help them out. The result: a two-minute spot that put trainee drivers in Belgium with an instructor who said part of their driving test would be to avoid an obstacle while texting a random sentence that he'd dictate.

NTSB wants to ban mobile phone and electronics use in cars across the country [UPDATE]

In August of last year, a 19-year-old pickup driver received 11 texts in as many minutes while traveling down a Missouri highway outside Gray Summit. The truck rear-ended a stopped tractor trailer at speed, which was then struck by not one, but two school buses, resulting in a massive, multi-car pileup that left 38 people injured and two dead – including the serial texter and a 15-year-old student riding in one of the buses.

IFA 2011: Nuance dictation beta is in-car voice-to-text done right

If your vehicle or smartphone has voice-to-text functionality, there's a good chance Nuance is working behind the scenes. If you haven't checked out the company's iPhone or Android app, it's worth the download just to get a feel for the technology, and the company's next implementation is set to arrive in vehicles next year.

More Death By Texting

Fatal accidents show the tragic truth behind texting while driving

The evidence keeps mounting that texting while driving is too often destructive and deadly. A fatal crash near Omaha, Nebraska in mid-July is being blamed on a driver texting while driving in the seconds prior to the crash.

Hackers prove they can break into Subaru Outback via texting

Texting and driving is a dangerous practice, we can all agree on that. But would you be surprised to learn that texting might cause you trouble even when your vehicle is locked up tight? As more and more daily items tap into the Matrix, we're exposing more products to those crafty enough to have taken the red pill that is a complete understanding of computer science.

Opinion: If distracted driving is such an epidemic, why don't statistics show it?

Declining Highway Death Rate Challenges Distracted Driving Fears

Video: AT&T tugs at heart strings with distracted driving documentary

AT&T anti-texting documentary "The Last Text" – Click above to watch video after the jump

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