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Breaking: Tesla sues Fisker over electric car design

You know how it goes, when there's smoke... Tesla Motors is reportedly suing Fisker Automotive for stealing inside design ideas. As rumors indicated earlier this week, Henrik Fisker apparently was hired by Tesla to style their upcoming Whitestar sedan. The styling was not to Te

Tesla will make a gas-electric hybrid version of the WhiteStar

Even though Tesla founder Martin Eberhard is no longer with the company, he and his ex-team have come to a similar realization: electric cars with range extenders (aka hybrids, really) are a good idea. Martin realized this with the Volt; Tesla's new CEO, Ze'ev Drori, has told C-NET that his company's upcoming WhiteStar sedan will be Sebastian Blanco

Tesla's WhiteStar Albuquerque plant grows bigger (on paper)

Tesla Motors is working on a assembly plant for its upcoming WhiteStar sedan in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Albuquerque Tribune is now reporting that the plans for that plant are getting larger. The Tribune's Erik Siemers writes that Tesla representatives, including vice president of sales Darryl Siry, were in town yes