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As we saw with the Bono pic, Tesla Motors representatives took the Roadster to Europe for a little PR&R recently. Well, as Darryl Siry, Tesla's VP of sales, marketing, and service, writes in a new post about the company trip on the "feel" blog over on the Tesla Motors website, there wasn't as much R as he might have liked. So, for those of use who don't mind that Mr. Siry worked more than played on the old continent, let's see what he has to say (oh, and we thank him for his service, of cour

We know that the Tesla Roadster is headed to Europe. Part of getting ready for the European market means doing a little bit of promotion, and so Tesla Motors presented the Roadster at the Top Marques Monaco event this past weekend. Tesla's vice president of sales, marketing, and service, Darryl Siry, has posted a few pictures of the event, including one of Mr. U2 himself - Bono - having a seat in the show car. Siry says that he'll be posting a more detailed description of how some of Tesla's fi