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Tesla Model S teaser image #3 (is it even a teaser?)

Well, we just wouldn't be AutoblogGreen if we didn't obsess over every little detail over at Tesla Motors, right? From the good to the bad and the in between, we like

New Tesla Model S teaser surfaces, our friend Jason orders two!

Click above to view enhanced version of Tesla Model S teaser

New Teaser of Tesla Model S surfaces, our friend Jason orders two!

Click above to view enhanced version of Tesla Model S teaser

Tesla teases freshly delayed Model S sedan

The image has been removed at the photographer's request, to view it visit BusinessWeek.

Tesla not planning SUV based on Model S platform

Two big British car magazines are reporting on some of Tesla's future product plans today following the latest promotional tour by SVP Marketing Darryl Siry. There isn't a whole lot new in the articles that hasn't already been reported here and on AutoblogGreen over the past year, but there were a couple of interesting items and errors. First of all AutoCar is reporting that Tesla is planning to use the platform of the Model S sedan (formerly known as

Ex-Chrysler VP moves west to head Tesla engineering

If Tesla has learned anything from the development of the Roadster over the past five years, it's that building a production car that meets present day regulations is a lot harder than anyone in Silicon Valley guessed. The process is filled with all kinds of potholes and having some people on the team with experience navigating those craters can be a big help. During AutoblogGreen's

California Gov. Schwarzenegger to make WhiteStar announcement at Tesla today

We received a heads up overnight that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be making an appearance later today at Tesla Motors headquarters in San Carlos, CA. According to the notice from Tesla, Schwarzenegger will make an announcement regarding the manufacturing strategy for the WhiteStar sedan. Given this announcement and what chairman Elon Musk told us last week about plans to

AutoblogGreen Q&A: Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk Pt. 3 - Lessons and WhiteStar hints

In the first two parts of our discussion, Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk described how he came to be a part of Tesla Motors and how he influenced the development of the Roadster. It's important to note that he never described himself as the designer or creator of the Roadster. Rather he considers himself the co-architect of the sports car.

VIDEO: Elon Musk talks to Fox Business News; who needs accuracy?

Yesterday we told about news from Tesla Chairman Elon Musk that the Silicon Valley EV startup had struck some sort of deal with Daimler. We speculated that it might be an engine supply deal for the range-extended version of the WhiteStar. Tesla Marketing VP and primary spokesman Darryl Siry declined to comment on the deal and Daimler has apparently said nothing. Lucky for us, one of our readers

How Tesla is financing its future

Tesla has big plans, and to finance them it plans to raise big money. How? First, with an influx of venture capital that could put 10-percent of the company in VC hands. There has also been talk of an IPO, which Chairman Elon Musk thinks could raise $100 million dollars, and Musk said he plans to take the company public by the end of this year. And to make sure Tesla's coffers are topped up, the comp

Sparks fly: Fisker sues Tesla back

Click above for more Fisker-supplied spy shots of the Karma

Tesla files suit against Fisker Automotive

As we recently reported, rumors have been swirling regarding Henrik Fisker's involvement with Tesla Motors and its upcoming electric sedan prototype known as the WhiteStar. As is often the case, there's apparently some truth to the scuttlebutt, as Tesla has filed a lawsuit claim

Breaking: Tesla sues Fisker over electric car design

You know how it goes, when there's smoke... Tesla Motors is reportedly suing Fisker Automotive for stealing inside design ideas. As rumors indicated earlier this week, Henrik Fisker apparently was hired by Tesla to style their upcoming Whitestar sedan. The styling was not to Te

Rumormill: Fisker designed Tesla's upcoming Whitestar sedan

Click above for high-res live gallery of the Fisker Karma

Rumormill: Fisker designed Tesla's upcoming Whitestar sedan

Click above for high-res live gallery of the Fisker Karma

BusinessWeek profiles Tesla Motors

BusinessWeek has just published a profile of one of our favorite car companies Tesla Motors. The article doesn't really have much in the way of new information aside from the code name to the WhiteStar follow up. If all goes according to plan we should see the BlueStar in about five years with a targeted price of around $30,000. If you haven't been following the tale of Tesla Motors, the new article is a pretty decent primer that wraps up the story so far.

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