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The Lotus Elise and Exige are extremely popular among owners as track cars, thanks to their light weight and phenomenal handling. Given its chassis DNA from the Elise, the idea of using the Tesla Roadster in a similar manner has come up repeatedly over the last two years. We first raised the idea with then-Tesla sales honcho Darryl Siry in November 2007, who explained that the Roadster as it was then constituted wouldn't work very well because the motor would overheat causing a loss of performan

The erstwhile and undisputed co-founder of Weblogs Inc. (parent of this here site), Jason Calacanis, revealed some time ago that he had placed an order for a Tesla Roadster. At the time he had missed out on the opportunity to purchase one of the first 100 Signature series cars. Those are the cars that come after the 25 Founders series cars. The buyers of the Signature series cars had to pay up in full in advance. Following Jason's recent opportunity to borrow Chairman Elon Musk's #1 Roadster, Ja

Just as TTAC has finally put down their Tesla Birthwatch series and the first actual customer car has been delivered, the EV manufacturer has seen fit to update their customers on plans for the rest of the year. Although the car with serial number 2 destined for company founder Martin Eberhard started down the assembly line on March 17 of this year, only cars 3 and 4 have actually left the factory to date. According to the update letter from Marketing VP Darryl Siry, the factory is preparing to