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POLL: Tesla's IPO is upon us, and there's no consensus on what to do - what's your plan?

So, Tesla's long-awaited IPO is due next week, and there's a lot of chatter about whether to invest or not. Considering this is the first automotive company IPO in ages, this particular offering is getting noticed by people who might otherwise not be paying attention. We're still not going to tell you whether to put your money into Tesla or not, but we <

Tesla to distance itself from CEO, says Musk's "financial situation" won't affect IPO

It's no secret that Tesla's chief executive officer Elon Musk is experiencing some difficulties right now. From the messy divorce to reports that he's broke, Musk has recently made headlines for Eric Loveday

Tesla's financial troubles continue to spread - through the media

The other day, the Wall Street Journal reported that Tesla Motors "incurred a net loss of $29.5 million in the first quarter" of 2010, adding to a total net loss since its founding of "about $290.2 million." Of course, we can't forget that CEO Elon Musk recently said he was broke. None of this

Tesla's Elon Musk says he's broke

Diving into an extremely competitive and capital-intensive business in which customers generally don't appreciate having access to beta products is not a good way to enhance your personal fortune. In fact, if Elon Musk is being honest in the latest court filings related to his divorce proceedings, it looks like a great way to vaporize a fortune.

VIDEO: Like, it's Elon Musk talking to Valley Girl

Elon Musk talks to Vally Girl - Click above to watch the videos after the break