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Musk promises world's biggest grid battery in 100 days, or it's free.

The battery system can power 30,000 homes in case of a blackout.

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Tesla Motors will no longer include ‘Motors’ in their name as they become more than just an automaker company.


New domain name could signal a pending name change for the EV company.

The big question: does this mean anything?

And Other Interesting Tidbits From Its Earnings Call

During its earnings call with financial analysts following the release of its 2015 Q3 results, Tesla appeared unfazed by the news of cheap batteries being made available to GM, and also announced it would constrain Autopilot use.


Formula E Keeps Same Driver Lineup For Monaco

Formula E keeps the same driver lineup for Monaco. See the Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Modification for Fuel Efficiency. Brusa licenses WiTricity wireless charging technology. Telsa's battery is business booming for onsite energy storage.

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CEO Elon Musk Unveils New $3,500 Stationary Energy Storage Device

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery system will be a 10-kWh home backup energy for just $3,500. For industrial use, the PowerPack can be as large as you need it to be.


Grid energy storage is becoming a tangible business opportunity for cleantech companies and automakers these days – it's all that's left of Coda, for example, and Toyota is open to the opportunities. Sun-power provider SolarCity has entered the market with DemandLogic, a smart energy storage system designed to deal with what it calls two major pain points for businesses: rising utility demand charges and increasing grid outages. SolarCity is using Tesla Motors' advanced battery technology


Tool around in a Tesla Roadster with the top down, and the sun can be a good friend. Now, Tesla Motors co-founder Elon Musk is finding an even better use for it.

Last spring, Tesla Motors founder Martin Eberhard and Th!ink CEO Jan-Olaf Willums announced a deal for Tesla to supply battery packs for the Norwegian electric cars. The silicon valley startup had created a new division dubbed the Tesla Energy Group to design and build lithium ion battery packs to other car-makers. The packs would be based on the technology they had developed internally for their own cars. Once new CEO Michael Marks came on board and it became clear that the Roadster's productio

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/hardware/Tesla_Motors_to_offer_their_lithium_ion_battery_tech_to_other_carmakers'; Now that Tesla is approaching Job 1 for their battery-powered Roadster, they are starting to look beyond just selling cars so that they can recover some of their investment in developing a battery pack system. As a reminder to our newer readers, rather than wait for someone to come up with lithium ion cells designed specifically for automotive use, they chose to use small off the shel