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Tesla looking at smaller CUV, Roadster successor for 2016

Five models doesn't quite equal GM, but it's pretty impressive for a startup.

Report: Tesla's Elon Musk says new CUV model due in 2013

IED Tesla EYE concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Tesla Model S to spawn other derivatives including van, CUV, minivan

Tesla Model S - Click above for high-res image gallery

Next Tesla will definitely be a sedan not a crossover

The other day I posted a story based on an article from TheCarConnection that speculated that the next Tesla model could be a crossover vehicle. One of the commenters wondered whether such a vehicle might be based on the Lotus APX concept that was shown last year. I took this intriguing idea to the source and aske

Tesla opening a new tech center in MI to work on a CUV?

Tesla Motors has already made clear their intentions to expand their product line beyond the Lotus Elise based roadster that's due this summer. They've previously announced plans for at least the sedans, one in the $50,000-70,000 range and another down at the $30,000 range. Now comes word via TheCarConnection that Tesla has opened up a tech center in Auburn Hills, MI, north of Detroit and has