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Junkyard Gem: 1985 Toyota Tercel Liftback

The incredibly cheap, incredibly reliable 1980s Toyota econobox.

The 4WD Tercel wagons of this era got all the attention, but Toyota sold quite a few front-wheel-drive hatchbacks.

Junkyard Gem: 1986 Toyota Tercel SR5 4WD Wagon

The sales king of the era of quirky four-wheel-drive Japanese subcompacts.

Here's a high-mile Denver example that got discarded at age 31.

eBay Find Of The Day: Terchero

What is it about the front-loaded form factor introduced by the Ford Ranchero in 1957 that the compulsion to modify other cars in its image is so great? Witness this first-generation Toyota Tercel - it's got a "needs to be fixed" list, but the bodywork looks darn g

Return of the blue-tape car: Toyota Tercel dies in pursuit of art

Pursuing art is about the only thing a Tercel could successfully chase. Inspired by a fun Audi trick we covered back in November, a '96 Terc