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Responses to Obama's move, and looking at the potential of a $10,000 PHEV tax credit

There were good and bad receptions to President Obama's move earlier this week to push the EPA to rethink the California waiver decision (details here). GM released a very short statement that said they were "ready to engage the Obama administration and the Congress" on this topic (read the whole thing after the jump). The Sebastian Blanco

Michigan governor proposes state income tax credit of hybrid buyers

At meeting this week at Michigan State University on "green collar job" creation, Governor Jennifer Granholm floated the idea of state income tax credits for residents that buy hybrid or electric cars. While the IRS and a variety of states already offer similar incentives, it's unlikely that Michigan will be able to offer anything unless they stipulate that the cars must be built in the state. In that case the number of qualifying vehicles would be ... ZERO. At this time none of the available hy

Bank of America gives hybrid-buying employees $3,000 each

With the federal tax credit dropping for Toyota hybrid models, the Bank of America program we've told you about in the past is offering $3,000 to any of its 185,000 employees nationwide who buy a hybrid car. Previously, only employe