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Protests stopped at Tata Nano plant, future still uncertain

Questions about the future of the Tata Nano - questions that flared up when the plant that was to build the world's cheapest car was put under siege recently - are starting to be answered, but only just. The protest at the plant has now ended, the BBC reports, and the fallout is now beginning.

Tata Motors' unveiles all-electric versions of the Ace and Indica

Tata Motors has confirmed that the rumors of an all-electric Tata Ace and the all-electric Tata Indica are true. In an unveiling in India this past week, the company took the wraps off of two lithium-ion battery-powered EV prototypes based on the Ace work truck and the Indica se

Opposition siege could start at Tata Nano plant today

I never thought I'd be typing in the words "nano factory siege" into Google, but now I have. On the drive home last night, I heard a staticky report on BBC Radio about some sort of siege, starting today, at the plant that is supposed produce the world's smallest cheapest car. Since I didn't catch the whole story on the radio, I thought I'd see the the Internets can tell me. In short, it's a tricky situation, but the BBC

The World chimes in on the Tata Nano

Earlier today, I was invited onto the BBC show World Have Your Say to discuss the just-announced Tata Nano. While the WHYS show was a full hour, but with callers from around the world, two hosts and four invited guests it moved quickly and I didn't get to make a few points that I wanted to. Thanks to this here blog, though, I still can.