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Way back in September of 2008, Tata Motors confirmed that the rumors of an electric Indica Vista were true when they unveiled it to the media in India. Since then, Tata Motors has made significant progress developing the electric hatch. Even though the battery-powered Indica is often overshadowed by vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, it's no less of a breakthrough vehicle than its more publicized competitors.

While most of the automotive-related attention accorded to Tata comes as a result of the Nano and the Jaguar and Land Rover brands it bought from Ford, we shouldn't forget the Indica. Tata has been building the Indica for some time, but there is a new variant on display at the Bologna Motor Show this week. The Indica Electric uses a lithium ion battery to provide a claimed range of about 120 miles. The batteries are apparently lithium polymer similar to those that Hyundai will be using in its up