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In order to make use of excess capacity at its European plant in England, Honda is tipped to export the Civic hatchback to North America. But what about the new Type R?


Honda is going to launch a hydrogen-powered production vehicle (its second, really) next year, but the all-important H2 infrastructure question hasn't been fully answered yet. One possible solution is being tested over in the United Kingdom, where Honda is turning solar energy and water into hydrogen at its Swindon plant. SHD Logistics says the plant is the UK's "first commercial-scale hydrogen production and refuelling facility powered by solar energy."


BMW has announced it will invest around $386.9 million in its United Kingdom operations. The cash will be divvied up amongst its Oxford manufacturing facility, Swindon steel body pressing plant and its Birmingham engine facility, all in order to help Mini keep pace with a new global growth strategy. BMW says the investment will allow Mini to maintain larger production volumes while simultaneously rolling out up to 10 new models in the near future. While that figure likely includes models like th

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The numbers for the UK car industry in April point to a 50% drop in production, and factories that aren't shut down completely are being run at glacial paces. After closing its Swindon, England plant for four months, the choice Honda gave workers there fit the template of the times: take a pay cut or else 490 of you will be let go. The workers voted for the 3% drop in wages, while management gets a 5% reduction.

Paul Tan has just posted a pictorial tour of his recent visit to MINI's British manufacturing facility in Oxford. The all-new second generation '07 MINI Cooper looks to maintain its spot at the top of the segment, with significant changes under the hardly changed hood. Even though most people will confuse it with the previous generation, it is a different car bumper to bumper. Perhaps a tour of the assembly line will help some of us see the differences more clearly.