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What's in a name? Just ask the people at Spyker.

Swedish Automobile NV ('Swan') continues to look to sell Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker in the wake of the Saab bankruptcy. Swan said it will carry on with the sale despite the fact that the company's supervisory board has just abandoned the crippled enterprise. According to The Washington Post, Swan announced it had begun negotiations to sell Spyker last September to a private equity firm for $41 million. Now the company says proceeds from that sale won't be enough to ensure that Swan can m

To say that Saab has had a rough 2011 would be one heck of an understatement. Sales are trickling slowly, the automaker's Trollhattan plant hasn't consistently produced vehicles since late April because suppliers weren't getting paid, and a failed alliance is making the Swedish automaker look like it has cooties.

Saab, which is currently on life support as money issues continue to pile up, is reportedly about to give its board members a bump in pay. Those aforementioned issues – the inability to pay suppliers and workers, the looming threat of bankruptcy – make the retroactive pay raises received by the Swedish Automobile N.V. (SWAN) board of directors seem just a tad poorly timed.

Spyker is on a Chinese money hunt, and it appears the automaker may have found a partner willing to pony up the cash. Pang Da, a Chinese automobile distribution company, had recently entered into a memorandum of understanding with Spyker. Now, Spyker is set to rename itself Swedish Automobile N.V., and the Saab-owner believes Chinese authorities will give the green light for this deal to proceed.

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