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If you've ever found yourself thinking the world needs more miniature supercharged V8 engines, think no more. Conley Precision Engines has put the finishing touches on its Stinger 609; a 6.09 cubic inch, fully-functional V8 engine. The little mill has its own supercharger, dual carburetors and a functional serpentine belt and turns out a full nine horsepower. The machine revs to a lofty 10,000 rpm and sounds like the offspring of a dentist's drill and a lumpy-cam small block. In other words, it'

We've been hearing that Hyundai has big plans for its new V8 engine, despite the fact that fuel efficiency has just recently become paramount in the U.S. market. As the Korean automaker's first-ever V8, the company has plenty to learn. That's fine, since it appears as if Hyundai is truly serious about getting the most from its new powerplant. Supercharging is being explored first, and a force-fed version of the car, which an Autoblog reader managed to snap a few pictures of while it was being ga

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