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I'm wondering if my skills at assembling Ikea furniture will be useful for the SUNN. The SUNN is a solar electric car in a kit that can apparently be assembled in your garage in four or five days. The kit includes everything that you need except the batteries and solar panels which have to be locally sourced to save you a bundle on shipping. Solar panels and batteries are heavy and thus expensive to ship.

Remember last year when we posted the video Infinity Miles per Gallon? In that video, Art Haines of Applied Robotics Company set out to build a solar powered electric car ... and succeeded. At the time, we lauded the independent thinking that Haines clearly showed in the project. The story was far from over, however, as Haines is now offering his unique solar NEV in kit form from his website, sunnev.com. So far, five of the kits have been ordered and Haines is working to get them shipped out now