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This alleged thief gets kicked off of a motorcycle when someone saddles up on another bike, puts on a camera, and tracks the guy down.

Technology and lack of profit keep car thieves away

Tesla owners are some of the most satisfied car owners in America, and now they have even more reason to love their Model S.

This is a real heart breaker. The guys and gals over at the Camaro5 forums are about as dedicated a group as you'll ever run into, and a number of the members have already picked up their hotly anticipated 2010 Chevrolet Camaros. One forum member received a rude awakening as his pride and joy 1LT Camaro was relieved of its 18-inch wheels and tires during the night. The criminals had the audacity to use the Camaro's jack, along with the jack of a Land Rover that was also relieved of its rollers,

Recently, a Cadillac once owned by Steve McQueen was caught up in a theft ring in Colorado that stole the car from a rental company, "sold" it to a new owner - one of the theft ring members - and then re-stole it to claim the insurance. They might have got the idea from London's Nokhiaz Khan, a man who ran a theft ring that stole cars from legitimate owners, resold them, and then stole them again - often numerous times.

Photo by Paul Keleher. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

It used to be that restaurants had to pay to have their waste oil taken away. Then, with the boom in homemade biodiesel, people were willing to schlepp it away for free, which made everyone happy. I ', pretty sure there are some areas today where biodiesel groups are paying to take the oil away. But, with the high gas prices and the easy-to-understand value of waste oil, said oil is disappearing from restaurants in Wichita, Kansas, reports KWCH-TV. As Healy Biodiesel owner Ben Healy tells the st

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UPDATE: The Crazy Soldier is, in fact, being built with the full knowledge and support of General Motors. Thanks for all who caught this.