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Road rage causes car to flip four times at high speed

One driver brake-checks another.

This is why we don't screw around on the freeway.

Carjacking attempt foiled by pesky manual transmission

Manual transmissions apparently are the best theft deterrent.

Stick with the stick.

Tesla's direct-sales effort gets rebuffed in Missouri

Elon's EV maker thought it had the green light to sell cars direct in Missouri. It didn't.

Uber files federal suit against St. Louis Taxi Commission

Uber is suing the St. Louis Taxi Commission after it agreed to the service's operation in the city but required its drivers to submit to fingerprinting.

How traffic enforcement has exacerbated racial tensions in Ferguson

Minor Offenses Can Lead To Cycle Of Fines, Court Cases, Poverty

There are some towns in St. Louis County that have issued more traffic citations than there are residents.

Nissan Leaf sales ready to expand beyond early adopter markets in US

One of the treasures of ZZ Top's excellent 1979 album Degüello is the rather funky track I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide. We can imagine that song blasting from the six-speaker sound system in Nissan Leaf all over the US now that Nissan is getting ready to get serious nationwide. The world's most popular EV, initially marketed and popular mostly on the West Coast, has gained substantial momentum within the flyover states. This helped the sales rate through the first seven months of the year more th

Unusual Reason One Town Closes A Main Road

Insurance carrier drops coverage of Augusta Bottom Road in suburban St. Louis

A small town in suburban St. Louis closed one of its main roads this weekend over insurance concerns.

Cardinals Player David Freese OK After Deer Crash

He swerved and hit a tree instead of the animal

St. Louis Cardinals third baseman David Freese is OK after crashing his SUV while trying to avoid a deer.

What happens when a swarm of stunt motorcyclists meets a police road block? [w/poll]

When accusing police officers of excessive force, it's often helpful to have a video of the situation, but in this case, the video might do more harm than good. During the 10th Annual "Streetfighterz Ride of the Century," police and highway patrol near St. Louis, Missouri attempted to contain that gaggle of road-hogging motorcyclists when things get really out of hand.

Carjacker who can't drive stick gets ride from victim

Note to budding carjackers: Learn to drive a stick shift before heading out to boost a car.

Video: St. Louis exotic dealership employee nailed for 150 mph test drives on YouTube

St. Louis Motorsports high-speed test drive – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Chrysler to restart seven North American plants by end of month

Hot on the heels of news that the Dodge Viper's Conner Avenue facility would be the first Chrysler plant to fire up after the company's bankruptcy proceedings/Fiat tie-up comes official word that the automaker will resume production at seven plants the week of June 29. In addition, Chrysler will bring the supporting powertrain and stamping plants online that supply the assembly factories listed below with parts.