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How do you solve the hydrogen production problem? Produce the hydrogen in the car.

On January 27th, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) added Delphi's Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to its Emerging Technologies list, acknowledging that Delphi's SOFC is a potentially effective and efficient way to reduce diesel emissions from heavy-duty (Class 8) semi trucks.

Siemens, through their Siemens Power Generation unit, is one the companies working on the Department of Energy's Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA). They've built a 5 kW system using their solid oxide fuel cell that's been operating for 2,800 hours and is still going. The main requirement of the DOE program was to develop a fuel cell that could run for 1,500 hours with no performance degradation. Siemens is going to keep running the cell to determine the ultimate lifespan, and efficie

One of the bullet points in Delphi's announcement of their new fuel cell power system is so enticingly exciting, until you finish the sentence. The exciting part is "SOFC auxiliary power systems can save 85 percent of the billion gallons of fuel consumed annually in the U.S." and that's gotta leave a few environmentalists and fuel consumers breathing heavy. The end of the sentence, though, reads, "during extended idling of heavy trucks." Still, these solid oxide fuel cell auxiliary power systems