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I am not entirely sure, but I think that the yellow truck converted by students at Stanly Community College from gas to electric is a Dodge Ram 50, which was made by Mitsubishi and was replaced by the Dakota. The Ram 50 was a small truck which was powered by a four-cylinder engine. Not this one, though, because the gas engine was yanked out in favor of an electric motor. Not only that, but solar power has been added as a backup charger. Additionally, the vehicle can be plugged into any standard

I stopped by the Zap! booth on the AFVI expo floor and asked what was new. Not too much, they told me (aside from Larry Hagman visiting at the time), but it did give me a chance to go check out the new solar-powered mini-truck with Chairman and co-founder Gary Starr. Starr wanted to make sure our readers realized the truck's easy-to-tilt bed, which not only allows access to the batteries, but can also aim the solar panels toward early-morning or late-afternoon sun. Of course, if you've got a tru