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Last November, when we talked with SmartUSA boss Dave Schembri at the LA Auto Show, he acknowledged that a number of the people who had placed early orders for the tiny fortwo had canceled before taking delivery. At that time, the cancellation rate was about thirty percent, although most of those cars were being taken up by people who wanted immediate delivery. Apparently, that situation has changed as dealers who last year typically had no more than a meager handful of cars in stock now sometim

The Smart ForTwo has only been on sale in the U.S. market for 9 months, but the company is already preparing to refresh it for 2010. A number of owners of current Smarts were recently invited to come drive cars with some proposed updates for 2010. Based on postings in the SmartCarOfAmerica forum, the drives took place in the San Francisco Bay area over the past week or so. As expected, everyone who participated had to sign a non-disclosure aggrement so details on changes are scant. We certainly

Ironically, New York City seems to be packed with cars and yet it's probably one of the worst cities in America for them. One of the biggest hassles for people who actually choose to drive in Manhattan is finding a place to park your car when you get where you're going. Given the typical congestion in Manhattan, the Smart ForTwo is probably one of the cars best suited for that city, and it just got a bit better. SmartUSA has cut a deal for owners of its cars that gives them half-price parking at

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We have our own little smart history here on AutoblogGreen, a collection of all the posts about the iconic car (recent exaples: stuffing 13 people into a fortwo or the London Met Police testing the all-electric smart ed). But the smart has been around longer that the two and a half years that we've been here and Daimler is celebrating the 10th Birthday of the little city car this month.

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We're not going to comment regarding the capabilities of Best Buy's Geek Squad, the team of technology-savvy guys and gals working at the big box retailer which makes house calls to fix computers and the like. We will say, though, that their choice for the geeky-team-vehicle of a black and white Volkswagen Beetle (the new one, not its elder) seems fitting. Here's a topic or conversation, though: Could they find a geekier vehicle? Well, some people seem to think of the smart fortwo is a chick car

Though Men's Vogue has already attempted to disprove the theory that only women can get away with driving one, it seems that smart has seen the need to dispel some rumors about the fortwo, their little urban runabout. Specifically, many people apparently question how large of a person the smart can easily handle, how safe a car this small could be, how much room there is for stuff and what features the fortwo is equipped with. In all honesty, the smart would probably work for a large percentage

Smart has been field testing a fleet of battery-powered ForTwo ED models in Britain for several months. Now Auto Motor und Sport out of Germany is reporting that an updated version could begin testing in the U.S. as early as 2009. The current model uses high temperature sodium-nickel-chloride Zebra batteries. The new generation will switch to a lithium ion pack and could be tested in the Los Angeles area. There are no specs available at the moment, but Smart's Anders Jensen has said that if the

For Chinese car buyers interested in a Smart ForTwo, the real deal will finally be available. Daimler AG's head of sales and marketing, Klaus Maier, said yesterday that the city car will be available in China starting in the middle of 2009. For a while now, domestic manufacturers have been selling vehicles that look suspiciously similar to the ForTwo (some with a battery-powered drivetrain, see here and here). Daimler has apparently realized there's a market for the city car and Maier told journ