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We're not sure what's in the water in Alabama lately, but we've just received word that the YellowHammer State is getting its second Porsche police car in about a month. Back in late February, it was announced that the Hoover PD had obtained a newer 911 thanks to drug seizure laws. This time, the car in question was a donation and the constabulary recipients are the boys and gals in blue at Homewood Police.

A while back we showed you how a Porsche 996 owner could fast forward time and transform his car's "fried egss" headlamps into the proper ovals found on the new 997 models. Auto-expert of Germany has now stepped up to show 996 owners how to rewind time back to an era when the pages of Dupont Registry were filled with Slant Nose Porsches. The Porsche 996 Flat Nose conversion was debuted at the 5th International Porsche Treffen show in Germany amongst 1,642 Porsche owners and their cars. Auto-expe