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Fans of high performance sports cars and green transportation are both anxiously awaiting the production launch of the Tesla Roadster. The Roadster is perhaps the most anticipated new car of recent times, but not everyone is enthusiastic. It's not the car or the Tesla's intentions that are the problem. The issue lies in Tesla's chances of long-term survival. The history of the automobile is littered with vastly more defunct automakers (and not all them startups) than successful ones. Just think

The ever cranky Robert Farago has weighed in on the subject of Tesla Motors, and makes some valid points even if his overall tone is a bit overwrought. While acknowledging that the stated specs are impressive, he emphasizes that no one has been able to independently verify any of them, or even drive the prototypes. So far all first hand press impressions of the Roadster have come from the passenger seat. While no car maker would generally let media drive away with a development prototype, like t

Howard and Tim can save their cut and paste comments on this story right now, cause I'm calling BS on this one. There are a lot of promising ideas being worked on for producing and storing hydrogen in a safe, cost-effective manner, but this doesn't appear to be one of them. An Israeli company claims to be working on a system for on-board hydrogen production by reacting a common metal rod with water at high temperatures. There is no mention anywhere of what the source of this heat will be, but wh