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Bid farewell to BMW's legendary M inline-six

Click above for a high-res pic of the S54B32

Boxy, but quick - twin-turbo Supra engined Volvo 244

If such a thing is possible, Volvo 240s have an even mustier image in Australia than they do in the United States. That's good for those of us who know that they're anvil tough and respond well to modifications. Being front engine, rear wheel drive and European, the ingredients for a stormer are there, if you care to do some work. Additionally, 240s are super easy to work on, and there's a decent enthusiast base, especially now with the interweb tubes in full swing.

Australian government's advice to drive greener: drive less

There's something I love about the smack-your-face obviousness of the first tip in the Australian Government's Green Vehicle Guide: "Minimise [sic] your vehicle use". This tip can be used by anyone anywhere, and there is no other advice that will result in a more dramatic reduction in fuel usage. Good on 'em for realizing and promoting this.