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Chrysler offers FLO TV, a service that can beam live television into passenger vehicles, to car owners through its Mopar division, for $629 plus installation. Pretty cool tech, but Chrysler has a problem on its hands. FLO TV is owned by Qualcomm and the mobile technology giant has decided to shut down the television network.

We may not know exactly which vehicles Chrysler will still be making by 2009, but we do know the automaker will offer Sirius Satellite Radio through 2017. Chrysler has had plenty of success with its Sirius offerings, so the long-term contract should come as no surprise. The take-rate for the audio technology across the Chrysler product line is a hefty 70%, and Sirius gave the Pentastar first crack at Sirius TV in the company's minivans and SUVs. Let's just hope that Chrysler's deals with interio