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We're not unfamiliar with the trouble with emissions spewing out of idling diesel vehicles here on AutoblogGreen, but I personally don't know much about what's being done on the technological side to halt this oh-so-common pollution source. So yesterday morning I headed over to the Rest Assured: Idle Reduction Technology Saves Money While You Sleep session at the AFVI Show and found out that there's a lot being done to make driving a truck (or school buses) a much cleaner business. A lot of this

The state of New York has awarded a contract to Hybrids Plus to build a plug-in Ford Escape Hybrid. The intent of the program is to evaluate the viability of plug-in hybrids and how much of an environmental benefit can be achieved on an SUV. The Escape will be tested for use in the New York state vehicle fleet. Five other hybrid vehicles are also being converted and tested. If testing works out, all of the 400 plus hybrids that New York has could end up being converted.