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Better Place's Renault Fluence EV to sell for under $20,000

Renault Fluence ZE concept - click above for high-res image gallery

Shai Agassi to Australian car industry: become the Saudi Arabia of plug-in cars

Project Better Place battery swap - Click above for hi-res image gallery

Toyota's Bill Reinert lets loose on ethanol, li-ion batteries, plug-in vehicles

Toyota's Bill Reinert should be better known. With so many quotable statements coming from GM's Bob Lutz and Tesla Motor's Elon Musk, perhaps Reinert, Toyota Motor SalesSebastian Blanco

Shai Agassi: Hope for the electric car rests on China's shoulders

Coda electric sedan - Click above for high-res image gallery

Shai Agassi talks about Better Place, $20,000 EV, batteries extra

Shai Agassi has big ideas when it comes to electric cars. He wants to build networks of public charging outlets and battery swap stations. He also wants to sell electric cars with a battery subscription plan similar to cell phone calling plans. In an interview with CNET Agassi revealed that he wants to sell his electric car for about $20,000 before any tax credits. With a $7,500 federal cred

Will Israeli military be a Better Place?

Better Place may be getting a helpful boost as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are considering installing the company's infrastructure to charge future electric jeeps and troop carriers, as well as civilian cars. Better Place has close Domenick Yoney

Hawaii becomes a "Better Place"

It's hard to image a more beautiful place than Hawaii. But Shai Agassi and Linda Lingle want to make it a "Better Place." The volcanic archipelago is one of the most remote populated places on the planet, sitting out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. That means that almost anything except the fruit that's grown there and the fish caught in the sea is much more expensive than anywhere else in the US because of the transportation costs. The tropical environment is also extremely sensitive to dis

Thinking about Better Place's free car strategy

Better Place's Shai Agassi is all over the map, and I don't mean because his company is talking about unleashing electric cars in Australia, Israel, Denmark and Sebastian Blanco

What country will be the next Better Place? We find out this week

Last week, Better Place CEO Shai Agassi gave a speech in San Francisco trying to sell his EV ideas. The Bay Area is one place that Agassi's battery-swapping electric vehicle company wants to make, well, better. So far, I

Better Place founder Agassi: Volt will be a "niche product"

By now many of us around these parts know who Shai Agassi is and what he wants to do. He wants to build a distribution infrastructure of swappable batteries to be used in electric cars with the ultimate goal of making EVs mainstream. The problem is that electric cars remain an expensive proposition. Even with Agassi's approach that would sell the EV without a battery and add on a subscription model for the battery, the up-front cost will remain higher than conventional cars. Nonetheless, in Pari

Better Place all-electric Renault delayed?

Bad news for fans of the Better Place plan - maybe. According to a report on an Israeli business website, Renault executives at a conference in Geneva have said that the electric car bound for Israel, to be franchised by Shai Agassi's Better Place, will be delayed by a year. However, the website also states 2011 as the new launch date which is basically when Renault has origi

Shai Agassi pitches $100 billion plan

No one could ever accuse Shai Agassi, the man behind electric-car infrastructure company Project Better Place, of not being ambitious. He has been all over the planet making deals with major car makers and various Domenick Yoney

VIDEO: San Francisco mayor in talks with Project Better Place

We've told you all about Shai Agassi's (above left) ambitious Project Better Place and how PBP has plans to create a charging and b

Shai Agassi to drive Project Better Place prototype on Sunday in Tel Aviv

One of the launching points for Shai Agassi's Project Better Place is in Israel and it looks like the first tangible progress might be demonstrated this weekend. The CEO of PBP is planning to drive a prototype electric car that is being developed at around noon on Sunday at the Fairgrounds and Conference Center in Tel Aviv Israel. Agassi will apparently provide an update on the stat

CNBC Video: Project Better Place's EV battery "exchange station"

We told you early this morning about the new electric car company Project Better Place. The founder and CEO, Shai Agassi made an appearance on CNBC 11:35 AM EST and the full video of his interview is available online. The video includes a computer graphic simulation of one o