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New Study Finds Surprising Sources Of Distraction For Drivers

Eleven percent of drivers admit to having sexual relations while behind the wheel

If you thought texting while driving was a distraction, which it most certainly is, you should check out a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive. The respected polling company asked 1,832 people about their driving habits to find the most common distractions, and the results were quite enlightening.

Did Dad Posts Sexy Pictures Of Daughter To Help Sell Used Car? [UPDATE]

20-year-old "daughter" Lexxa Ridley bares quite a bit in ebay ad

Kim Ridley, owner of Ridley's Rides in Oregon, is sure to be in the running for the 2012 Father of the Year award. Wanting to sell his 1977 Datsun on eBay, Ridley decided to employ an age-old advertising technique: Sex sells. The issue? The sexy woman he shot draped over his car was actually his 20-year-old daughter Lexxa.

Car wins out as most exciting place to have sex

It's official, cars rule. We love driving them, talking about them, working on them and we even love having sex in them. According to a U.S. Sex Census produced by none other than Trojan condoms, automobiles are the most exciting place to have sex.

Survey: More Canadians would go without sex than cars. Canuck that!

As a nation, we're pretty attached to our cars. Thanks to generations of poor civil planning and rampant urban sprawl, we've come to need personal transportation like most civilizations require fresh water. Turns out we aren't the only ones, though. Our amiable neighbors to the north seem to be just as hooked on the automobile as their surly cousins down south. A new survey of Canadian drivers has found that car owners would gladly give up a number of essentials before parking their car once and

Government oil regulators accused of corruption, sex, gifts for rigged contracts

As Captain Renault would have said "Shocked, I'm Shocked!" to learn that government officials involved in regulating the oil industry were being accused of corruption. Thirteen employees of the Department of Interior that handle the money that oil companies pay in royalties for drilling on federal lands are thought to have accepted gifts, consulting jobs and sex in exchange for rigging contracts. The employees working in Denver and Washington were responsible for handling "in-kind" royalty payme

Are the cars on this Top Ten really the ones that turn men's heads?

Well, Evecars certainly be accused of thinking green with their latest Top Ten list, which they think marks the "Ten sexiest cars to turn men's heads." Following a poll of "a cross-section of men," the website thinks that a woman driving a Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster (pictured) would be the sexiest. Of the entire batch of ten cars (see it after the jump), only the Fiat 500 could qualify as a green car, and Evecars doesn't specify if it's the old or new version of the 500 (I'm guessing it's the old

"Carma Sutra": Learn to love in your Lamborghini

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/offbeat_news/Carma_Sutra_book_gives_car_lovers_lessons_for_loving_in_cars';

Underage copulation in 911 raises some questions

The folks over at Winding Road admit, as do we, that a story of a British teacher having sex with her underage pupil would not normally be an interesting topic for we single-minded gearheads. But this particular story involves the teacher's husband's yellow Porsche 911. "Eh," you might say. "No wonder the kid was attracted to Miss. Denning. What's the big deal?"

Volvo wagons rated highest for making whoopee

Looks like the 21st century has crowned its new shaggin wagon according to UK car insurer Yes Insurance. Suprisingly, the staid Volve Estate was chosen in a poll conducted by the insurance company of 4,000 people as the best car to have sex in. Why an insurance company needs to know which vehicle sees the most action is beyond us, but it's an interesting tidbit nonetheless. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van came in second, which gives us a great idea for a project vehicle with shag carpet and a wat