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2010 Suzuki Swift hybrid plug-in concept - Click for high-res image gallery

If there is any type of vehicle that would seem ideally suited to a hybrid drive application, it is a garbage truck (right, Volvo?). With the continuous stop and go driving involved with collecting the detritus of modern civilization there is plenty of opportunity for regenerative braking and electric launch. ISE Corporation already has a series hybrid system that they've developed for transit bus applications. ISE is partnering with Crane Carrier Company to build five series hybrid trash hauler

Ron Gremban of CalCars has written an interesting guest piece over on Green Car Congress examining the debate between General Motors and Toyota that started last fall about the best approach to plug-in hybrid vehicles. The debate started when Toyota executives criticized the whole series-hybrid/extended range EV approach of the Chevy Volt. Gremban does a good analysis of the numbers looking at each type of powertrain over different driving cycles. So the obvious question is: Who's right, GM or T

This week, Fifth Gear did a side-by-side review of the Mercedes Smart electric drive and regular Smart car that runs on petrol (watch it below the fold). Fifth Gear found out that zero-to-thirty is a lot faster in the petrol but the handling, thanks the heavy batteries lowering the center of gravity, is tops in the electric. Just 100 Smart EDs (electric drive) are coming to the UK as a trial, and the launch will be based on demand, according to Fifth Gear. I think Fifth Gear's distance/cost comp

Recently, we told you Th!nk would introduce a larger car made by one of the top three American automakers. Green Wombat has more details on the car thanks to coffee with Th!nk's Jan-Olaf Willums at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. The car is a stylish and aerodynamic five-seat, four-door sedan, made by an unnamed Fortune 100 automaker and will be released in 2011. We'll be able to confirm this for ourselves when it is introduced at the Geneva Motor Show next week. The car will also be elect

During the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, ABG sat down to chat with Malcolm Bricklin about his latest project Visionary Vehicles. Mr. Bricklin has been involved in the car business for four decades and could be described as a serial entrepenuer. Over the years his projects have had varying degrees of success including being the original U.S. importer of Subarus as well as importing Fiats in the eighties after the Italian company pulled out the U.S. market. He also pre-dated John Dolorean in attempting

When you you think of London England, there are certain iconic images that come to mind, Big Ben and house of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus, the red-coated black hatted guards at the palace, the black London taxi and, of course, the bright red double decker bus trundling around town. In particular people recall the classic Routemaster double decker which was specifically designed for the London application with an open rear deck and allowed people to hop on and off easily. Aside from a pair of o

In the last couple of years, green car enthusiasts have gotten all hot and bothered by the idea of cars like the Tesla Roadster, Zap-X and Chevrolet Volt. And while these cars and others seem incredibly innovative today, in reality they all have roots in cars built over a century ago by one of the true innovators in the history of the automobile, Ferdinand Porsche.

Our friend Mike Levine, the proprietor of PickupTruck.com recently had a chance to talk to Ian Wright. You may recall that Ian is the driving force behind WrightSpeed, the company developing an electric sports car called the X1 based on the chassis of the Ariel Atom. Ian may be a fan of electric cars but he also needs to drive a heavy duty pickup to haul lumber on his property. He is exactly the kind of person that GM had in mind when they started developing their two-mode hybrid system on their

Over at the Toyota Open Road Blog, Communications VP Irv Miller has chimed in again on the whole parallel vs series hybrid debate, this time with some fresh definitions. The previous postings have generated quite a bit of commentary both for and against Toyota's position. Miller first refutes some previous claims about a ten-mile range for Volt prototypes. Some commenters had attributed this to Toyota when in fact it originated with a Bloomberg story last summer.