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SEMA 2007: HUMMER H2 Safari

The PR materials for the HUMMER H2 Safari say that the big truck's matte olive green paint is designed to help it blend in on the trail. We get the idea, but while H2s may do many things, "blending in" ain't exactly one of 'em, low-key paint notwit

SEMA 2007: Chevy HHR Panel SS heading to showrooms

Click image for a gallery of the Chevy HHR Panel SS SEMA Special

Lexus rolling out factory performance parts at SEMA

click above image for high-res gallery of the Lexus IS-F

Jeep JT Concept is no show car

click above image to view 16 high-res pics of the Jeep JT Concept

Beware of Dog: Mallett reveals Pitbull Edition V8 Solstice

click above image to view additional high-res pics of the Mallett Pitbull Edition Solstice