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Simon Property Group, a company that provides security solutions to corporations all over the U.S., has announced that it is rolling out Segway i2s to its entire fleet of shopping mall security guards. The latest purchase will make Simon's fleet of 225 Segways the largest in the world. Apparently, the mounted security guards have been a hit with pedestrians, which provides "social interaction" that would otherwise be impossible and allows the security guards to do a better job of keeping the pea

What's good for the police is apparently good for Target Security Patrols as well. Whenever we hear about police departments moving some officers to the two-wheeled, battery-powered Segway PTs (like this), they often mention a certain list of advantages: added height, ease of operation and emissions-free travel. The press release put out by Target, which announces the company's acquisition of Segways to be used as patrol vehicles at 150 stores, mentions the same three features. You'd almost thin