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The hospital that conducted the procedure has billed the man for the police-ordered exams

An unbelievable sequence of events led one New Mexico man from a routine traffic stop to an extremely invasive and unwanted medical procedure ordered by police.

If you've ever thought about a car you used to own and lamented with a shake of the head, "I never never should have sold it," there's a website that could help you out. It's not going to help someone like me since the whip I most want back (pictured above) was lost to a traffic incident. But if you can dig up the make, model and VIN of that car you just can't get out of your head, and post it in the forums at the Lost Car Registry website, then perhaps the interwebs can help you track down that

Both Volkswagen and Google have responded to criticism that the automaker's web pages were in violation of Google's quality guidelines. The uproar centers around hidden keywords in flash-based pages.