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Parents Catch School Buses Blowing Through Stop Signs

School officials weren't listening to complaints, so parents turned to the internet

School buses in Prince George's County, Maryland were caught on camera blowing through stop signs near school grounds.

25 School districts now offering Autonet Wifi on school buses

Over two dozen school districts across the country have equipped school buses with AutoNet mobile WiFi routers allowing students to access the 'Net on the go. The Autonet system is a basic wireless router like the ones that hundreds of millions of people use at home, but with an integrated EVDO cellular modem to keep connected on the go.

School buses in Minnesota were not stalled because of biodiesel

Photo by Kevindooley. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

End of unsafe era: (Some) School buses to get seat belts

My wife and I thoroughly trained our oldest daughter on seat belt safety, and it got to the point where she would scream at the top of her lungs if one of us didn't buckle our belts. When she first stepped foot on a school bus, she was terrified to learn that there were no seat belts and didn't understand how school buses were the exception to the seat belt rule. After many years of extensive study, however, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is changing that, at least for buses

Michigan students power buses with veggie oil

It's no secret to the majority of our readers that it is possible to run many older diesel engines on nothing more than straight vegetable oil. In fact, the first diesel engine, invented by Rudolph Diesel, ran on peanut oil. This fact is also well known by the students at the Michigan Technical Academy who have converted their own school buses to run on waste vegetable oil. Garden Fresh Foods in Ferndale, Michigan is providing used veggie oil that was first

Napa School District gets first PHEV school bus

Last week the Napa Unified School District in California received its first plug-in hybrid school bus. The bus was built by IC Corporation which is a subsidiary of Navistar and a major producer of school buses. The bus uses a parallel hybrid diesel electric powertrain produced by Enova. The electric motor is integrated into the transmission and is designed as a drop-in system that can be easily installed either by the bus manufacturer on the original assembly or retrofitted to existing buses.

What to do with old non-hybrid buses that are replaced? How about we turn them into bakeries?

In an article which discusses an invention that could be described as thrifty, useful or just crazy, depending on your point of view, Forbes highlights Jewish Rabbi Aaron Winternitz's conversion of an old school bus into an oven for cooking matzos for the upcoming Passover celebration. Officials were responding to reports of smoke when they located the bus/oven around 3 am. This would have been the second year that the Rabbi

AutoblogGreen for 03.20.07

AutoblogGreen got to take a look at the testing process that new battery technologies go through before they get on the road in new hybrid vehicles. Speaking of hybrids, a California psychologist examines whether driving one can really make you eternally happy. Oil is the only thing the middle east has in abundance. Desert regions have a lot of sun and an inventor in the United Arab Emirates has developed a two seat car that derives it's energy exclusively from the sun.

Police Chief tickets himself and docks 4 points off license

If you've ever blown past a school bus with its lights flashing, here's proof that there is absolutely no excuse. Even Kewaskum Wisconson Police Chief Richard Knoebe isn't above the law as the officer gave himself a $235 ticket and 4 points on his driving record for passing a flashing school bus while in his patrol car. What's amazing is that

School bus idling project gets $15,000 EPA grant

School buses idle for thousands of hours a year, spewing diesel fumes into schoolyards across the country. But a project called Improving Kids' Environment (IKE) based in Indianapolis, Ind. is working to educate school officials on how the practice affects students with their "Smart Schools Don't Idle" campaign. IKE was awarded a $15,729 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 on Friday. IKE and nine

School bus conversions cover biofuels

If running even the biggest SUV or farm tractor on biofuel isn't a large enough vehicle for you, then perhaps you'd be interested in converting an old school bus to use biodiesel. If so, there is a Yahoo! group you'll want to check out: the Skoolie Conversions group. This group isn't dedicated exclusively to biofuels but instead to converting old busses into RVs. Still, biofuel discussions are not unknown, as this Sebastian Blanco