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Come next May, the public transit system in Sao Paulo, Brazil will be a bit greener thanks to the addition of 50 Scania buses designed to run on pure ethanol. The people haulers are part of the first wave of an initial fleet of 200 ethanol-fueled buses. Sao Paulo operates more than 15,000 public transport buses and has set its sights on converting each and every one of them to renewable fuel models by 2018. With biogas in limited supply, ethanol will likely the dominant biofuel used in the buses

Sweden has latched on to ethanol as a fuel source more strongly than just about any other country except Brazil. Unlike the U.S. and Brazil, where corn and sugar cane, respectively, are the primary feedstocks, Sweden is using waste from its timber industry. Now, the Stockholm transit company Busslink is getting in on the action by ordering 85 new buses from Scania. The new people movers are ethanol fueled and will join 100 other such buses delivered by Scania to the city since the beginning of 2