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General Motors to introduce smaller 1.4L turbo on US small cars next year

It looks like General Motors is going to move forward with production of new turbocharged 1.4L four cylinder engines next year and best of all we'll get them in some U.S. models. Last summer at GM's annual powertrain technology showcase, the company had a prototype Opel Astra equipped with just such an engine that we got to take a short drive in. This is part of GM's plan (like many other manufacture

Saturn Astra production could shift to US

It's always been tough for automakers to build small cars profitably in the United States. The high overhead that they faced, combined with limited demand for small cars, made things tough. When GM decided to start selling the Opel Astra as a new small Saturn in the US market they started off by exporting European-built cars to the U.S. With the US dollar in free-fall against the Euro, this obviously isn't a sustainable strategy. As a result, if the Astra proves to be popular as a Saturn, GM is

Saturn bringing Astra test drive events to cities around the US this fall

Before the new Saturn Astra officially goes on sale in January, GM's Euro-American division is conducting a promotional road show with the new compact. The Astra test drive program kicks off this weekend in San Francisco before making its way to Miami in mid-December. At each stop, GM will be setting up a course where people can get in and get a feel for the Astra. Anyone who is interested in trying one out should go to the

Another driving impression of the Saturn Astra

Over at Inside Line they've got a driving impression of the upcoming Saturn Astra. The new Astra is coming to Saturn showrooms by way of GM's European branch at Opel and officially goes on sale January 2nd. ABG got to drive an prototype Astra powered by a 1.4L turbo a few weeks ago but the version coming to Saturn will be propelled by a 1.8L normally aspirated version. The reviewer generally liked th