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As anyone who reads Autoblog is aware by now, we're pretty jazzed about Pixar's upcoming June 9th release of CARS, which is shaping up to be a celebration of the auto on celluloid. A pair of recent Detroit News articles reveals just how large a part the domestic duo of Ford and GM has played in the movie's making, in addition to our already reported on involvement of Porsche.

The upcoming animated feature CARS by Pixar Animations Studio impresses us more and more by the minute. When the studio approached Porsche back in 2002 to obtain the rights to use a 911 in its next film, Porsche agreed and quickly got swept up in the fun. The company wanted to build full scale running models of some of the film’s characters, including the lead “car-acter’s” love interester Sally Carrera, and it wasn’t until a chance encounter with Jay Leno that they