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Stars Selling Cars
We hired James Van Der Beek to sell used cars undercover | Stars Selling Cars

And he brought his own disguises.

James Van Der Beek goes undercover as a car salesman on the premiere episode of Stars Selling Cars.

Buyer says Dodge dealer gave him wrong Charger, failed to notice for 2 months

A Dodge customer ordered a Charger SXT, paid for a Charger SXT, but received a lower-spec Charger SE instead. Two months later, he and the Dodge dealership are trying to sort out the mess.

Beware of the Four-Square rip off

If you or somebody you know is looking into purchasing a new vehicle, this is a must read. We know new and used car salesmen can be some pretty slick dudes, but many of us step on the lot with a great deal of emotion and usually little preparedness. Even us car nuts may come in knowing more than the next guy, but a great deal of knowledge about the product you're about to buy may still not prevent you being taken for a ride.