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Saab's decision to start down-sizing goes into full effect in 2009 with the debut of the new 9-5. The 9-5 is expected to break out the Geneva Motor Show in March. Saab's largest car will be built on the new Epsilon II architecture that debuted last month with the new Opel Insignia. The smallest engine in the new 9-5 is expected to be a turbocharged 1.6L probably with direct injection. Other engines will include the 2.8L version of GM's twin cam V6 along with a pair of diesels. A 2.0L four cyl

Saab's rumored decision to downsize its engines gets some confirmation today, as reports indicate that the Swedish brand's next 9-5 will get just 1.6-liters of displacement for its base engine. However, power should still be up to par, as the mill will get a high-pressure turbocharger to boost output. Despite the small-bore engine, the next 9-5 will be built atop the Epsilon II platform which underpins the latest Opel Insignia and which will cause the new 9-5 to grow in size compared to the curr

The upcoming Saab 9-4X BioPower crossover has been caught out testing again. The 9-4X is expected to debut in production form later in 2009 as the current Trailblazer based 9-7X fades into history. From what we've seen so far the 9-4X will go into production virtually unchanged from the concept version that we saw in Detroit in January. The 9-4X and the new Provoq based Cadillac SRX will ride on a common architecture. The Saab will likely be powered by a choice of turbocharged engines. The c

Saab has embraced E85 as an alternative fuel in Europe as a way to offer good performance and relatively good emissions using small turbocharged engines. Because ethanol has a higher octane rating than gasoline, boost pressure can be raised, allowing for a higher specific power output. It also helps that Saab already had a history of being quirky and using turbocharged engines in their vehicles. As an added bonus, it also gets to capitalize on the "green" aspect of the biofuel, and is leaving no

When Saab debuted the 9-X BioHybrid concept at the recent Geneva Motor Show, aerodynamics was a big part of the equation. The compact 9-X has a smooth, rounded nose, a raked back wrap-around windshield and a downward sloping roof. To help reduce the drag at the back end of the short body, a spoiler that wraps around the roof extends backward up to four inches. A new video featuring some of the designers talking about the aero work that they did has just been posted on the GMnext web site. You ca

With stricter European emissions controls looming, expect to see Saab jump on the "less is more" (or, at the very least, "less is equal") bandwagon, joining companies like Renault and Volkswagen, which have begun implementing smaller engines that provide power comparable to larger units. In an interview, Saab Great Britain's managing director Jonathan Nash stated that smaller-displacement turbocharged E85 engines are likely to appear in the near term. Look for them to ape the success of the curr

Saab pride! Even if you own a Ford or Chevy, you tend to have a sense of pride in the brand, or at least would flat-out refuse to set your left cheek in the driver's seat of your competitor's brand. Therefore, as a Saab owner, I get excited to hear any nifty tidbit of information about the brand, and here's some good news.

On Friday, the UK Secretary of State for the Environment, David Miliband, peeked in at the start of construction of a new £250 million bioethanol production plant to be run by Ensus in Teesside. The plant will open in 2009, and the Northern Echo reports that the plant will turn 1.2 million tons of wheat into 400 million liters of ethanol a year. Ensus says that's about a third of the UK's demand by 2010. Miliband rode in a Saab 9-5 BioPower to and from the event.

Saab UK has released a teaser taste of its interview with Sir Richard Branson on biofuels, his personal actions to reduce his carbon footprint and his latest idea: creating the first carbon-neutral resort in the Caribbean, on his home of Necker Island. The interview will be published in full on Thursday at the Saab Biopower UK website.

With so much attention being paid to environmental awareness these days, Reuters has compiled a long list of Hollywood types and their contributions to the green movement. These effort can be as simple as driving a hybrid vehicle or staging a 23-day sit-in to preserve a garden. Or you can promote a technolgy, like Richard Branson (shown) does for Saab BioPower. One of the most interesting entries is Jamie Oliver, a chef who will use wind power to run his restaurant. Look for your favorite on the

We have shown you Saab's various BioPower vehicles before, and the Rinspeed eXasis, but here is a new take on an already existing vehicle. Borrowing cues from the eXasis concept, the Saab Biopower Rinspeed uses a similar bright yellow color and textures which mimic the eXasis. No real mechanical changes are made to the vehicle, but a tie-in already exists between the two vehicles, as both engines operate on E85.

The unveiling this week of the new Chevy Volt concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit has generated a huge amount of interest and traffic here at AutoblogGreen. With interest comes comments and around these parts, that usually means some controversy. The topic of green transportation technology seems to really bring out the conspiracy theorist in our readers, sometimes even with justification.

The United Kingdom doesn't have the potential to grow crops for domestic production of a huge amount of biofuels, but that isn't stopping Great Britain's Chancellor from encouraging biofuel use. The Chancellor announced earlier this year that Britain has entered into a partnership agreement with three countries (Brazil, Mozambique and South Africa) to develop biofuels, but those biofuels are intended for use in southern Africa, not the UK.

It's not cheap, the new Saab 2.3t BioPower, but it is cool. Maybe that's why Sir Richard Branson likes his so much. Branson's been tooling around with his BioPower Saab for a few days now, and the general public in Britain can enjoy Saab's newest low-CO2 emissions ride on Monday, when vehicles with the 2.3t BioPower engine go on sale in the UK. Sure, AutoblogGreen cares about the 70 percent decrease in CO2 emissions, but we don't ignore that the BioPower produces 14 percent more maximum power an

With the 2.0t BioPower engine enjoing great success in the marketplace -- it's the top-selling 9-5 engine option in Saab's home market -- the automaker has chosen the British International Motor Show to premiere a new member of the BioPower family: a 2.3L turbocharged powerplant. We reported on this development earlier, though Saab has chosen today to make it official.