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Worst Driver Ever? Russian Driver Flips Car While Trying To Park

Man's getaway much worse then his crime

Russians use dash cams to protect themselves from fraud and to as evidence in case they have to go to court after a crash. This driver probably wishes there wasn't proof of this embarrassing drive.

Car Crash Interrupts Dad's Lesson On How To Handle An Accident

Dash cam captures lesson on safety, ensuing crash

A Russian dash cam captures a father instructing his daughter on what to do during a car accident, a lesson immediately put into practice when a speeding motorcycle rear-ends another car right in front of them.

Your Daily Russian Dashcam Story, Feel-Good Edition

In addition to accidents, cams also capture acts of human kindness

Russian dashcams have brought us footage of everything from giant meteors to phony car accidents.

This Is Why Russians Have Dash Cams

Woman fakes being hit, but the driver has it all on camera

Have you ever wondered why every great dash cam video comes from Russia? Wonder no more. This dash cam footage found on autoevolution.com captures the kind of fraud Russian drivers deal with every day.

Geyser Erupts In Parking Lot

Russian cameras catch explosion

A huge geyser shooting straight out of the ground beneath a parking lot, tossing rocks and pavement high into the air while damaging cars in the process