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RR of the Day: Volvo 854 T5R - Super Swede

We admit it's a little unfair to feature a car as RR of the Day that's owned and was built by a tuning shop, but frankly we were so impressed with this 1995 Volvo 855 T5R built by RKAutotechnik in California that we just had to show you. The car you see here is one of only 180 yellow sedans imported into the U.S. that 1994, but believe us, that's not what makes it special. For us, the fact that this Swedish super sedan generates over 400 wheel horsepow

POLL Results: RR of the Week - 11/6 through 11/10

The votes have been tallied for this week's RR of the Day poll, and we're this close to calling for a recount. The winner with some 600 votes under its belt (28%) is the mildly-modded 2001 Audi S4 of Julia Howard. The S4 had some pretty stiff and very interesting competition, which makes this relatively ordinary ride such a surprise victor. The very sharp 1967 Chevy Impala SS made a run at the title gathering 488 votes (22%), while the Euro-only 1984 BMW 745i Turbo also put up a fight earning 48

RR of the Day: LS6-powered Porsche 914

Well, unfortunately we quickly ran out of useable Camaro submissions to continue our theme this week, so we were forced to dig into the Autoblog Flickr pool and find something else suitable to show off today. We think we did a good job with this LS6-powered Porsche 914. Taking a tiny car and stuffing a modern-day small-block V8 producing 500+ horsepower into its engine bay is a recipe for mechanical mayhem. This 914, submitted by Flickr member wotan2525 on behalf of his friend, is the result of

RR of the Day: 1967 Chevy Camaro SS 396

Our second featured Camaro this week is another one from 1967, which, let's face it, was a good year for Camaros. This '67 Camaro SS 396 was purchased for $800 back in 1986 and it's been a personal project of Flickr member BinCali ever since. It was wasting away in a car port that BinCali passed on his way to work every day until that fateful day twenty years ago when he struck up a conversation with the owner that lead to the title transfer. In the 20 years BinCali has owned the Camaro, he's st

POLL Results: RR of the Week

Despite a lopsided fight of four Subarus against one lonely Mitsubishi EVO in our latest RR of the Week poll, the lone EVO proved to be the better car, at least by our voters' standards. It could also be the case that Mitsubishi fans united in support the single EVO, whereas WRX faithful were split between their choices. We'll never know! Regardless, the race was extremely tight with the track tuned EVO attracting 576 votes (30%). The second place finisher in this race, the WRX Wagon, nearly cau

RR of the Day: 1967 Chevy Camaro RS/SS

Kicking off Camaro Week for our RR of the Day feature's is Flickr member Kyler's 1967 Chevy Camaro RS/SS. Not only does this car exist in the upper echelon of Camaro annals, it also happened to be the subject of the very first piece of automotive journalism I ever penned, so it gets extra points from me for personal nostalgia. Though Kyler has performed many mods beneath the car's skin, the sheetmetal is nearly factory stock, as is the interior. This was a fantastic generation of Camaro design a

RR of the Day: the ugly bugeye '02 Subaru WRX

We're going forward with our EVO / WRX theme this week for the RR of the Day feature, which means we'll do our best to pick out good examples of these cars in our Flickr pool while they last. If you've got an EVO or WRX you haven't submitted yet, follow the jump to learn how. It's easy!

RR of the Day: Meet Blowby

Ever own one of those vehicles that just won't lay down and die? No matter what hell you march it through, the thing keeps on going. Such a vehicle is our RR of the Day today, a 1988 Jeep Cherokee named Blowby. The name comes from the ute's habit of leaking oil out of the top end that sputters right up into its airbox. Cute. Flickr member Tremulane bought the Jeep for $500 and spend an additional $250 fixing her up. Can you tell where the money went? Well, some went to actual repairs, but an inv

POLL Results: RR of the Week

What a battle that took place between two rides up for the glorious title of RR of the Week over the weekend. The 1991 Acura NSX and 1951 Hudson Hornet were literally neck and neck the entire weekend, and when the dust settled with 2,646 votes cast (more than double our previous record for most votes cast), the 1991 Acura NSX won by a nos

RR of the Day: Escort abroad

Since it seems like most of the mainstream automotive news will be dominated with comment and analysis of Ford's WF 2.0 plan today, we thought we'd dig up something with a blue oval on it for today's RR of the Day. This car is a Brazilian 1991 Ford Escort XR3 Formula. It represents some of the Escort's higher pedigree that could be found abroad but was never delivered to the U.S. The XR3 joined the RS2000 Escort in 1991, but lacked the latter's larger 2.0-liter turbo engine in favor of a 1.8-lit

RR of the Day: Hertz who? Saleen S281 Budget Rent-A-Car

Before Ford and Hertz ever thought of resurrecting the original Rent-A-Racer, Saleen and Budget Rent-A-Car beat them to it. Saleen built 30 special S281 Mustangs for Budget back in 1996, and the number 14 car is our RR of the Day today. Along with all of the standard (or not-so-standard) Saleen modifications, which included a tuned Racecraft suspension, 3.27:1 factory gears, a Saleen/Borla exhaust and Mach 460 sound system, the Budget cars also rolled on 18-inch Speedline mag wheels. Flickr memb

RR of the Day: Happy Anniversary, Nissan-style

Just to show you that a vehicle picked as a RR of the Day doesn't have to be custom, we've chosen another stocker to highlight. This one isn't just any factory production vehicle, however, it's a 1984 50th Anniversary Nissan 300ZX Turbo. This model year 300ZX was the last to have both Nissan and Datsun badges, and is laden further with unique Nissan 50th Anniversary badges on both sides. The odometer reads 68,000 miles, but its owner who goes by the Flickr handle Ethan84ae has obviously lovingly

Poll Results: RR of the Week

The first ever Autoblog Reader Ride of the Week has been chosen, and the convincing victory goes to the 1989 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo featured on Friday. No doubt the car's transplanted 2-liter 4G63 motor making an estimated 400 horsepower helped it secure 42 percent of the 1,010 votes that were cast. The battle for the remaining spots was much more contested, with the stock John Neff

RR of the Day: Telstar Logistics fleet vehicle

Nobody likes paying parking tickets or having their car vandalized by a gang of vagrant teens. Only some of us, however, would go as far as this guy to prevent those things from happening. Known only in Flickr by the name Telstar Logistics, this man has dressed up his 1999 Jeep Cherokee to look like a work vehicle for his ficticious company of the same name. In order to look as official as possible, the vehicle is equipped with fake Telstar Logistics logos, fleet vehicle numbering, rear safety s