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If you missed out on seeing Revenge of the Electric Car in the theater or just want to watch Carlos Ghosn, Elon Musk and Bob Lutz push their respective companies to getting EVs out the door, mark your calendar for January 24th. That's when the DVD version of the movie hits, and it will offer repeat viewers a few fun extras once they've worn out the grooves on the main feature.


After premiering earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, Chris Paine's follow-up to the movement-defining movie Who Killed The Electric Car? opens up nationwide this weekend. Well, The Revenge Of The Electric Car is starting screenings in select markets, anyway, and there are more locations soon to come. To celebrate, a new animated opening for the film has hit the 'net (which you can watch after the jump).

Want to see the first moving images from "Revenge of the Electric Car"? You can mark your calendars for this occasion and the day to circle is ... who knows? Not even the film's producers could tell you when the trailer will be made public, because they've decided to leave that up to the fans.