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"Revenge of the Electric Car" Trailer Drops

It's not often that documentaries breed sequels, but if ever a nonfiction film deserved to have a part two, this is it. "Revenge of the Electric Car" is the sequel to director Chris Paine's 2006 documentary, "Who Killed the Electric Car." We interviewed Paine in Translogic Episode 3.4, but he didn't give us much in the way of specifi

Bob Lutz: Auto exec, fighter pilot, Marine... master thespian?!

Admittedly, we've always known that Bob Lutz has a flair for the dramatic. The from-the-gut talkin', hard-drivin', fast-flyin,' General Motors vice chairman has always been good for a juicy quote, and although he is retiring soon, that doesn't mean Lutz is stepping out of the limelight completely.

Bob Lutz on Rover, Toyota, the Chinese market, and the world's best sports car...

The UK's Channel 4 had the opportunity to sit down with Bob Lutz - General Motors' head of product development, for those living in seclusion - and started the interview by comparing him to Jeremy Clarkson. WTF, you say? It's the dominating physical presence and bountiful opinions of both men that causes the interviewer to draw a line between the two (we're guessing that the views of each on the Buick Lucerne would still serve as a useful means to distingu