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Being a valet on the Italian Riviera seems like a pretty sweet gig for a young guy. Not only do you get to watch beautiful people coming and going all day and night, but there's the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a plethora of exotic sports cars. Of course, being responsible for those expensive vehicles has to be pretty nerve wracking to get used to on the first day.


Autoblog reader Ed sent us this screen shot from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, showing that General Motors has apparently trademarked the name Riviera for use on automobiles. It's no secret that the Riviera name resonates well with anyone familiar with Buick's history, and since the production coupe's death in 1999, the name Riviera has only been resurrected once for the 2007 concept car you see here.

click above for more live shots of the Riviera Concept from Detroit

Through the success of the Enclave, Buick has discovered that nicely designed, well-built, high content vehicles sell. Being the first Buick in a long time to log advance orders, GM thinks it might be onto something with the Enclave formula. That recipe consists of bolder styling than past Buicks, with cues coming from the Velite and Riviera show cars. Avoiding retro, forthcoming Buicks promise to amp up the curbside drama with unabashed curves, and a lot of chrome. The Enclave has an interior t

var digg_url = 'http://www.digg.com/design/Buick_Riviera_Concept_to_debut_in_Shanghai'; Autoblog Chinese has the early word on Buick's Shanghai Motor Show concept, and it's got another familiar name attached to it: Riviera. Better still, it's a coupe -- no Dodge Charger-style door growth here. The Riviera is being called a "global" concept that showcases Buick's future design DNA. Penned at GM's Pan Asia Technical Center, the Shanghai show is just the first venue at which it'll be shown. Acco

Flickr member cmanmt got us all excited when he submitted pix of his 1995 Buick Riviera. These are pretty, luxurious and quick. 1995 was the first year of this bodystyle, and it set the media atwitter when it debuted. GM went out on a limb with the the 1995 Riviera's styling. The previous-generation Riv had started life as a stubby little thing, and while it eventually got more graceful hindquarters, it was still pretty conservatively styled. It was a car that featured the "over 50" set in its a