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GM's Bob Lutz may retire in 2010

Sending the Chevrolet Volt into production might be the last effort of GM's Vice Chairman for Global Product Development, Bob Lutz. The 75-year-old executive has stated that he would like to retire from the automotive giant once they get a plug-in electric vehicle on the market (nevermind that they already had one with the EV1). While a precise date of retirement has not been set, it will possibly occur sometime in 2010. Since Lutz has been one of GM's main champions of the Volt, it is no surpri

Second judge recuses self in UAW/Ford health care case

The district court case between the United Auto Workers and the Ford Motor Co. will have to go without Judge Anna Diggs Taylor. The judge has excused herself from the health care paring case, citing the fact that’s on the Henry Ford Health System’s board. The case has been handed over to Judge Paul Borman, who wil