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Formula One veteran Jenson Button is expected to announce his retirement at the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend. But what will he do next, and who will take his place at McLaren?

Marti Eulberg, CEO of Maserati North America, has left her position to "pursue other opportunities," the company announced today. Eulberg, a veteran of Ford and Jaguar, held the CEO position for less than a year after taking the position just last June.

According to Los Jalops, Car and Driver's Editor-In-Chief, Csaba Csere, will be nailing his driving shoes to the wall at Hachette Filipacchi on January 1, 2009. No official reason has been given as to why Mr. Csere is departing the C&D ranks after working for the buff book since 1980 and taking the reigns in 1993. While feelings are mixed about his departure, we're all for Jalopnik's suggested successor, Eddie Alterman, former head of MPH, contributor to the NYT and the gentleman currently m

Ladies and gentlemen, Hans Lehmann has left the building. After the retirement of Jim Dunne, a thorn in the side of Detroit's finest for decades, comes word that Hans Lehmann, the man that's enraged his fair share of automakers abroad, is hanging up his Nikon.

Sending the Chevrolet Volt into production might be the last effort of GM's Vice Chairman for Global Product Development, Bob Lutz. The 75-year-old executive has stated that he would like to retire from the automotive giant once they get a plug-in electric vehicle on the market (nevermind that they already had one with the EV1). While a precise date of retirement has not been set, it will possibly occur sometime in 2010. Since Lutz has been one of GM's main champions of the Volt, it is no surpri

Steve Saleen has announced his official retirement from Saleen, Inc., the company he founded 23 years ago that has grown into one of the best specialty vehicle manufacturers in the world. Apparently Steve is happy with the team he's assembled to manage the business in his place, and will be stepping back while maintaining a role as "corporate spokesperson and ambassador for the brand." We bet that job will come with a corner office, too.

Seems like few automakers are immune to downsizing these days, and Nissan is no exception. Today the automaker announced it's reducing its workforce in Tennessee by 12.5%, which equates to 775 heads. The reduction come via way of voluntary buyouts that include a $45,000 cash payment and additional $500 for every year worked. All the workers come from Nissan's two assembly plants in Tennessee, one in Smyrna where the Altima and Maxima, Pathfinder and Xterra are built, and the other in Decherd, wh

During a conference call yesterday, FoMoCo's President, Mark Fields, announced that over 4,000 workers would take early retirement from the Ford-owned Visteon plant in Michigan.

Michael Schumacher is the highest-paid figure in sports, and next year he'll be the highest-paid figure not in sports. Emerging reports speculate on how much the 7-time (maybe 8-time) world champion will be earning in retirement, and if the staggering figures are right, he'll still be making more than any of the drivers remaining in F1, including his successor Kimi Raikkonen, current defending champ Fernando Alonso and his own brother Ralf.

Sorry for the delay in getting this news out, but we were in shock. OK, this was hardly a surprise, but still, hearing those words from Michael's lips was surreal. After winning today's race at Monza, 7-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher announced that he is retiring from racing at the end of this season. He also mentioned that he will continue on with Ferrari in some capacity next year, although his position was not specified.

The district court case between the United Auto Workers and the Ford Motor Co. will have to go without Judge Anna Diggs Taylor. The judge has excused herself from the health care paring case, citing the fact that’s on the Henry Ford Health System’s board. The case has been handed over to Judge Paul Borman, who will be the third magistrate assigned to the matter. The move comes after Mark Baumkel, who is a lawyer for the plaintiffs opposed to the deal had called for Taylor to remove h