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If you want to try out one of Better Place's electric vehicles, you'd have to move to a country where the project is establishing its infrastructure or else wait for it to come to your neighborhood. At least that's how it was looking until now. Because the latest announcement from the electric-vehicle startup has us booking our tickets for Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport.


Mazda is hoping to entice rental car customers into a new Mazda6. The company is supplying the sedans to around 1,000 Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations, and each vehicle will come with a Quick Response code stuck to the dash. Renters can scan the code for more information on the Mazda6, including specifications, links to local dealers and more, says Automotive News. You won't find these particular four-doors in the standard airport fleet, however. Enterprise has reserved the Mazda6 models for the

Recalled Chrysler PT Cruiser after the fatal crash – Click above to watch video after the jump

Hey look, another new Renault-Nissan partnership to promote EVs. Today, a new alliance with Europcar was announced that will make electric vehicles available for customer rentals starting in 2010. The car will first be available in Europe (specifically, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom) as well as Australia and New Zealand. Further expansions are already on the drawing board. Europcar says it wants to become the first major rent-a-car company to offer EVs.

Here's some good news if you need to rent a car and you want to go hybrid: Enterprise Rent-A-Car has announced that it's adding 5,000 hybrids to its fleet. These cars almost double the number of hybrids currently available at Enterprise branches. The company is also designating 80 of its locations, 10 at airports, as "Hybrid Branches," meaning that they will offer a higher number of hybrids than at other locations. California, Oregon, and Texas are among the states that will get Hybrid Branches.

Enterprise Rent-a-car has a couple of green initiatives going. First of all, it has a good number of fuel-efficient vehicles (defined as those that get more than 28 mpg, as shown above) including 5,000 hybrids and 73,000 flex-fuel vehicles. Then, it's offering carbon-offsetting for all its customers, which is claimed to be equivalent of "planting the trees in New York's Central Park every 10 days for the next 50 years."