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Lesson #4: Choose your WVO conversion mechanic carefully

Last August, AutoblogGreen feature writer Ray Holan wrote about his adventure in converting a BMW 3 series from the mid-'80s to run on VegOil. In his introduction, he posted four lessons he learned about the process, and lesson #4 (choose your mechanic carefully) is something that Blogging New Orleans writer Matt Robinson is probably reflecting on Sebastian Blanco

Myers Motors bringing new EV to market in 2007: the Qui Moto

AutoblogGreen readers are no strangers to Myers Motors and their tiny electric car, the NmG (No more Gas), which Ray Holan profiled in depth last summer. And it's an AutoblogGreen reader tipped us off to the so far low-profile announcement from Myers of their newest EV, the Qui Moto, coming next summer.

Hypermiling your fuel economy ??? The greenest extreme sport for cars

I've observed with mild amusement the recent spate of stories in the mainstream media about fuel saving. Maybe you have too.

Pick of the Fuel Litter - Part 2

In yesterday's exciting chapter, we left our hero (yours truly) impaled on the horns of a dilemma. Well, impaled is perhaps too strong a word. Let's just say I was perplexed. What is the "best" alternative fuel out of a short list of 5 choices? The final contestants were E85, CNG, Biodiesel, Electricity and Straight Vegetable Oil. I gave the first two their shot in Ray Holan

Pick of the Fuel Litter - Part 1

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest fuel of them all"? The magic mirror in the fairy tale had it easy. Snow White was a shoe-in. In the 2006 Alternative Fuel Beauty Pageant, we have a tougher time picking a winner. Lots of conflicting information. Which one is the "fairest fuel" to put in the tank (or battery bank or fuel cell)? I'm here to pick an alternative fuel that's fair to my pocketbook, fair to the planet, and fair to my thirst for performance and convenience.