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Raser Hummer PHEV – Click above to watch video after the jump

Raser Technolgies plug-in HUMMER H3 - Click above for a high-res gallery

Click above for a high res gallery of the Raser electric Hummer H3

We learned of Raser Technologies' extended range electric vehicle architecture that it had developed for larger truck applications at last year's SAE World Congress. The company has received an order from Pacific Gas and Electric for two SUVs equipped with its drivetrain. PG&E becomes the first buyer of plug-in technology from Raser and will use the vehicles for evaluation and demonstration purposes. Based on the expected duty cycle for the vehicles they may achieve as much 100 mpg and cut o

We got a chance to sort of check out the Raser Technologies series hybrid/extended range EV powertrain at the SAE Congress in Detroit this week. I say sort of because what is on display are some bits and pieces that display the layout of the components in the system. Raser is currently working with an un-named vehicle manufacturer and FEV to implement the system into a full-size SUV. I spoke with Dr. Jochem Wolschendorf, CTO of FEV, about the program. According to Dr. Wolschendorf, Raser is pro

This week at the SAE World Congress in Detroit, Raser Technologies will be displaying their new plug-in series hybrid powertrain designed for application in full size trucks and SUVs. Raser is working with FEV, who are doing systems integration work on the design. The Raser configuration uses an AC induction motor with 200kW of peak power and 100kW of continuous output, a 100kW generator and a 700V lithium ion battery. Think of it as E-Flex for big trucks.

Man, what's up with Raser and FEV? Right at the end of October, Raser put out a press release that talked about how the two companies would work together on a 100 mpg plug-in hybrid. Then, at the end of November, Raser put out another release (after the jump), that just says the same thing. Raser and FEV will "integrate Raser Technology's Symetron(TM) electric motor and power electronic drive powertrain technology into a traditional internal combustion gasoline engine."