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Spy Shots

Land Rover has been cranking out the luxurious yet still-capable Range Rover since 1970, and over the last 41 years, the iconic vehicle has seen its design dramatically altered just three times. We're not expecting the next generation Range Rover to rock the boat stylistically, but we think you should be ready for a fresh look in the very near future.

When you produce one of several bad-ass SUVs available to consumers, there's no need to mess with a successful formula. So while the Range Rover is due for some cosmetic tweaks, they're very subtle. Spy shots show the upper-crust truck with the stiff upper lip in action at der Nurburgring, reportedly vetting some powertrains that may not make it to North America. We may see the rumored 5.0-liter V8, but probably not the 3.0-liter diesel. No surprise. The tape job covers up the small changes to t